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We will take care of your accounting in strict accordance with the industry’s best practices and deal with all legal and fiscal formalities correctly and on time. This allows you to concentrate on your core activities in the secure knowledge that your accounting is in safe hands.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we are more than just accountants: we understand business and can also be a valuable discussion partner. We can assist you through the entire life cycle of your company, from start-up to transfer or termination. After examining your figures we will conduct a financial and tax analysis. Next, we will communicate the resulting conclusions in clear, accessible language and translate our conclusions into concrete action and improvement points. Together with you we will focus on optimizing your business.

Accounting & Legal

Processing financial administration

Drawing up and filing annual accounts and related reports


We keep a strict eye on deadlines and ensure that the following are submitted correctly:

Up-to-date advice based on tax law

Defence of your case during VAT and tax audits

We will discuss our financial
and fiscal
analyses with you in
plain language, so that we can reach
conclusions together.


We will process your accounting records and deliver transparent reports on a regular basis (month, quarter or year):


Regarding the daily, management and long-term planning of your business, you can rely on us for:

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At Mignolet Accounting, we are dedicated to giving clear, accessible advice based on correct figures, fully tailored to the customer.