Working at Bureau Mignolet

The essence of our agency can be summarised quite simply. By respecting each individual and working well together to get the best out of ourselves, we unburden our customers and boost their business.

In particular, we attach great importance to:


We welcome diverse personalities, diverse nationalities and diverse talents.


Thanks to our horizontal structure, everyone is accessible and approachable, and you can always contribute your own ideas.


In our organisation, we encourage you to be both honest with yourself and with your colleagues.


We ensure a good work-life balance, with enough time to have fun with your colleagues and family.


Lifelong learning

We offer our employees an in-house training programme, as well as external training and the opportunity to do an internship in order to obtain ITAA certification. All this is fully personalised and takes each person’s possibilities and ambitions into account.


There is also scope to learn by experience.


Your colleagues are always ready to help you.

Would you like more information about us?

At Mignolet Accounting, we are dedicated to giving clear, accessible advice based on correct figures, fully tailored to the customer.